Olive Baseball Cap (includes Acid Smiley Velcro Patch)


Smiley Face Velcro Patch by Custom Crowns™
Custom Crowns™ Olive baseball cap

Olive Baseball Cap (includes Acid Smiley Velcro Patch)


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* Custom Crowns™ Olive baseball cap with snapback closure + ACID SMILEY velcro patch

Streetwear for a classless republic; united by one goal, our mission is to ‘delete the beginning’. We offer baseball caps and interchangeable patches we have coined ‘CapSlaps’ – with 1000’s upon 1000’s of combos, there is a style for everyone! #whatsyourstyle?

How Does It Work?

All of our caps work with our interchangeable patches (CapSlaps) that use a revolutionary hook and loop system (micro-velcro that is 60% thinner and more resistant than any other model on the market!!) sewn on to the back of them. Essentially we turn one cap into limitless styles!!


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